Bringing people together for a purpose

People are most happy when doing things they love, surrounded by people with the same passion, and helping others while doing it.

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What We Believe

At Clever Dodo, we want people to feel they belong to that special place they'll be missed if they don't show up, somewhere everyone helps each other without any prejudice. We believe then greater things can happen in the world, as together we are stronger.

birds of the same feather
Birds of the same feather flock together

Our communities are formed around specific topics where members can freely discuss and share opinions around the subject area 24/7. So find where you belong first and join other like-minded people.

Just so you know, we have an anonymous posting facility for those sensitive posts you may not be comfortable sharing publicly.

Take it offline and go meet up people with the same passion

It's great finding people with the same interests and talking to them at any time of the day. This is what technology has allowed us to do. However it is even better to meet these people in person and socialise.

As humans we need that personal interaction as it makes us happier.